The Higher Caliber Black Wallet

Because your making a statement when you reach for the bill.

You don’t need a wallet. No one has really needed a wallet since Western Union invented the modern credit card in early twenties (eight decades before Visa introduced the Black Card). You carry one because you’re conditioned to do so and because, when it comes time to tip, you don’t want to reach in your pocket and pull out a bunch of oily, free-range Lincolns. You don’t want to hand out creased business cards. When you get asked for I.D., you don’t want to legitimize the query. Wallets are a tool that keep you from looking the fool. It’s a practical thing and an image thing and a money thing, but no one wallet is perfect for all situations. Your old one, the one that smells like Yogi Berra’s mitt, is good for the day to day, but it won’t cut it in a black-tied pinch. It’s always good to have something a bit more upscale and a lot darker on hand. Consider it a higher caliber weapon for higher caliber events. Keep it full and you’re good to go.

Clockwise from Top Left: Lollen Wallet, Bally; Compact ID in Cross Grain, Coach; Lillis Wallet, BOSS Hugo Boss; Black Textured Billfold, Calvin Klein; Black Leather Billfold, ErmenegildoZegna; Mark Wallet, Jimmy Choo; Calandre Wallet, BottegaVeneta; Pebbled-Leather Wallet, Salvatore Ferragamo; Enveloppe Carte de Visite,Louis Vuitton; Chamberlain Slim-Fold Wallet, Cole Haan

Photos by Levi Brown