A Hint of the Macabre From the Chill Folks at Seavees

There’s nothing sinister about this iPhone case. Really.

Seavees is a California-based company that makes a great line-up of handsome and well-made sneakers and chukkas. They also make this cool, baseball-stitched iPhone case that we’re almost positive isn’t made out of human skin and that only vaguely remind us of this scene from the low-budget horror flick Ouija. The most-likely-cow-sourced leather is vegetable-tanned and finished in beeswax for an all-natural sheen. Cuts, rivets and higher-gauge waxed-cotton stitching will give your sleek, aseptic iPhone a touch of the rustic and the hand-hewn. We love it, and this cool iPhone case is under no circumstances the hip, 21st century cousin of the person-hide book from Hocus Pocus. [$98; seavees.com]