Hit The Bottle in a New Pair of Levi’s

The brand’s Waste

The brand’s Waste

Photography Courtesy of Levi’s

What it is: Levi’s 504 Regular Straight Waste
Why we like it: The next time you toss out a PET beer bottle, it could very well turn into your favorite pair of jeans—if the folks at Levi’s have anything to say about it. Launched this spring, the brand’s Waste>Less collection of denim goods is made from a minimum of 20 percent post-consumer recycled content, representing, on average, 12 to 20 bottles per pair of jeans. What’s more, variations in the bottles give each individual pair a unique quality. For instance, the jeans pictured above in a Contrail finish were made out of brown beer bottles, giving them an undertone of the same hue. Watch a video of how these jeans are made, and then drink up! 

Where to get it: us.levi.com 

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