What to Pack if You Want to Impress Her Family During The Holidays

Don’t screw this up.

Holidays can signify a lot of things: food, celebrations, watching your relatives knock back one too many at meals. But they can also mean a lot of travel. While some of you may be heading back to your home towns, a few will undoubtedly be making the trek to finally meet the parents of the woman in your life. It can be a daunting task: the idea of completely screwing up your first impression in front of her grandmother could actually be an all-too-real reality.

To ease your worries, we’ve rounded up a few packing essentials for your bags that should make it a bit easier. While some things go unsaid (ok, we’ll say it, wash your fucking face), this list coupled with some expert packing tips should serve you nicely in impressing her parents this holiday season.

Photos by Getty Images