Hood By Air Lives Up To Its Name, Goes Interstellar

And your mom said weird kids don't get to be astronauts.
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Super hot and relentlessly bizarre American fashion house Hood By Air has parachuted a bit closer to the earth’s surface with this only-slightly-conceptual and eminently wearable astronaut hoodie. Though it appears to be made from Buzz Aldrin’s hide, it’s still one of the few HBA items you could get as a gift for your nephew and not strain your relationship. This techno-hoodie is comfortable and cool, and the superimposition of a NASA spacesuit over a high-quality but ultimately pedestrian sweatshirt makes is a fun aesthetic intersection. We love a bit of high-low (i.e., sweatshirt couture): the tonal, x-ray images are coldly futuristic, and the cut of the sweatshirt indicates its high-fashion origins. With that in mind, try and stomach the price. [$300; hoodbyair.com]