Stunning ‘House Inside a Rock’ Concept is Built Directly into a Natural Rock Formation

Supervillain status.

Shanghai-based architectural designer Amey Kandalgaonkar’s “House Inside A Rock” is a stunningly geometric architectural concept house that’s carved right into a massive rock formation.

The striking design is based on the historic UNESCO world heritage site of Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia, which is known for its sandstone rock faces that are carved out as tombs.

Kandalgaonkar was inspired by the way the tombs are cut directly into the rock formations, and designed the house with a similar idea with concrete slabs that slice through the rock in vertical and horizontal planes.

In terms of amenities, the imagined house has an infinity pool that overlooks the rocky surroundings, multiple decks, and outdoor areas.

Explaining his design, he told Hypebeast:

“Considering the visual complexity of the rocks at Madain Saleh, it was imperative to use simple planes and cubes in order to achieve a visual balance. I started out creating the rock in 3D software which in itself was a sculpting process.

Later when inserting the house into this rock, I tried to keep its visual impact from eye level as minimum as possible and only when observed from a bird’s-eye view, the real extent of the intervention is revealed.”

Clearly the construction of such a structure would be very costly, and Kandalgaonkar came right out and said what we’re all thinking in his Instagram post: “Any billionaires out there interested in building this?”

You can check out more of Kandalgaonkar’s insane designs right here on his Instagram.