House of Skye Debuts New Bra and Lingerie Line

Upgrade your underwear game.

Stephanie Marquet/House of Skye

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Despite the fact that the lingerie industry is known for its sexy designs and stimulating visuals, many women know the real struggle of shopping for a new bra. With endless options like push-up, wireless, strapless, lace and more, finding a bra that can do it all seems near impossible. 

But from the brilliant mind of Skye Drynan, known serial entrepreneur with a surprising background in medical technology, comes a new innovative concept of a bra: House of Skye’s SexyBack Bra.

The recently-launched SexyBack Bra is a revolutionary bra with unrivalled technology. Designed with 22 adjustable tabs that allows the wearer to customize the fit and style, the SexyBack Bra is the first of its kind. 

Stephanie Marquet/House of Skye

With two utility patents with secured registration and five design patents in over 111 countries and 40 more pending, Skye’s concept from the bra came from her own personal struggle to find a good bra when wearing a backless dress. 

Perfect for any sort of backless, strappy, or strapless designer dress or top, the SexyBack Bra can transform to the exact style and type of bra you need in the moment. The biggest surprise about the SexyBack Bra beyond its ingenuity and high level of craftsmanship is its affordable price.

“The development of the SexyBack Bra was inspired by the struggle that I and my girlfriends faced,” Drynan says. “We needed a backless bra that could actually provide support and was simultaneously beautiful. I thought, ‘Why can’t you have super high-fashion and high-function?’”

House of Skye

And while she’s managed to come up with this ingenious innovation for women’s intimates, Skye has additionally created a gamechanger for men in the Bareback briefs. 

Made with comfort, style and sex appeal in mind, the Bareback briefs are a medium weight cotton spandex blend that offer a sleek and trim design under any pair of pants. As they are designed to enhance the male anatomy, the Bareback briefs additionally feature a hidden secret pocket for guys to store any essentials as they head out for a night on the town.

At the core of House of Skye, Drynan aims to combine fashion and function within each of her designs because she believes neither should be compromised.

“My SexyBack Bra is a comfortable and a high-quality invention that took five years of pad development,” Skye says. “There are about two times the number of steps to make this bra compared to the designs of bras currently on the market. My patented technology is what makes the SexyBack Bra unique.”

To learn more about Skye Drynan, find her on Instagram and to check out House of Skye’s new SexyBack Bra and Bareback underwear on their website