You Can Buy a Vacation Home in Italy for Just $1, But There’s a Catch

Dream come true?

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

Some small towns in Italy hoping to revive declining communities, such as Ollolai on the island of Sardinia, Mussomeli in Sicily, and Sambuca, have homes for sale for as little as $1 in order to restore the villages to their former glory.

While it sounds like a dream come true to buy a house for only a dollar, the houses are old and come with their own set of problems that the new owners needs to take care of. In other words, the houses are cheap but in desperate need of renovating.

A tiny town of 1,000 people near the Amalfi Coast and Naples called Zungoli — which was named one of Italy’s most beautiful towns in 2015 — has a website that helps buyers find the perfect farmhouse or mansion, making it super easy to buy a house for the price of a pack of gum.

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The mayor of Zungoli, Paolo Caruso, told CNN that he’s recruited a team of volunteers “who assist buyers, liaising with convenient construction firms for the restyle.”

The websites list basic information about each home and show a picture of the exterior, which is something that wasn’t available before to potential buyers. Once you find a house you like, you must renovate it within three years, submit a detailed plan for renovations, and pay a security deposit of about $2,250.

“We want to make things easy for new buyers”, Caruso said. “My town has upgraded infrastructure, public LED lights and great Wi-Fi. Piazzas and pavements have just been revamped. Life quality is important.”

Interested in buying your very own Italian home? Check out what’s for sale in Zungoli right here and click on “Case in Vendita a €1.”