How Dimetri Hogan Went From Elite Fashion Photographer To Successful Ad Exec Before Age 30

“Your network determines your net worth.”

Jared Kocka

Presented by T1

Transforming from a world-class content maker for high-end brands and editorial magazines into the senior vice president at the rapidly emerging, multifaceted digital strategy agency capable of operating in collaboration ties with clients such as the Ritz Carlton, LVMH, Sothebys, and BooHoo, is an unmistakable achievement for Dimetri Hogan, but no surprise given his eminent drive. 

The attributes of the 28-year-old ‘s success include magnetism, an enigmatic artistic mind, and vision articulation. Lowering the barrier for entrance for consumers and formulating a key marketing strategy, has delivered at least a 30 percent drop in cost per acquisition for B2C brand partners working with the burgeoning agency.

Hogan, also known as “The Radiant Child” in the art, hospitality, and fashion scene, has pushed the limits of every industry he has navigated. The young entrepreneur’s journey began at the age of 19 when Hogan moved from his Northern Virginia home to New York City to experiment with culture. Inspired by late artist Jean Michel Basquiat, Hogan was resilient to overcome innate circumstances by integrating himself into influential groups. 

Jared Kocka

After becoming acquainted with Basquiat’s circle, Hogan soon found himself collaborating with leading fashion brands like Prada, and surrounding himself with elites such as pop icon The Weeknd, where Hogan captured his StarBoy Tour at the O2 arena in London.

People gravitated to Hogan because of his divergent thinking and communication skills. His work empowered various groups by shattering taboos. An example of his wokeness is his ability to make sexy fashion a celebration of beauty, rather than objectification of the body. Hogan remained eager for a deeper understanding of life and the universe’s offerings, enlightening people along the course of his discoveries. The thriving photographer added more to his plate to observe and marry the industries he admired.

Jared Kocka

Hospitality went hand in hand with the arts, having an in at prominent restaurants was useful for networking and led Hogan to the development of Lola Taverna. Long before COVID-19 struck, Hogan foresaw the exquisite Mediterranean restaurant’s success, and it still thrives today with its flower-bedded outdoor dining experience. Hogan made himself an expert in entertainment and sought to understand the unknown and unexplored. Hogan’s Instagram is evidence of his career advancements. From a persevering photographer to jet-setting businessman creating client-tailored content, Hogan is pure inspiration.

“Marketing and developing my own personal brand was my very first and most important job of my career. My approach when working with my clients has always been to help them identify how to best get their message across to their targeted demographic and highlight their unique selling point. There’s a lot of truth in the quote, your network determines your net worth,” says Dimetri.

This businessman sees the world for what it is and what it can become, and this mindset has propelled his career in the marketing and advertising space, and in 2018 he founded his own experiential marketing agency Radiant Room. Hogan’s power to grasp every business objective and generate an exponential growth strategy makes his partnership indispensable, particularly in this economic downturn.

With an increasing inclination towards health and hygiene, Hogan discovered a strategic brand partnership with another advertising guru Chad Horstman who founded in 2005 at the age of 26 with his brother Evan. Since then Horstman has moved on to other ventures and shared with us, “at first I was actually very skeptical if Dimetri and T1, could actually accomplish for us what they were promising,“ 

Since departing Yandy my team and I have launched three companies with their support,, and now, and the boost to our brand awareness and SEO has been tremendous. They continue to help us get the word out about a new product or announcement and build brand equity and earned media.”

Horstman, also the former Director of Search Consulting for iCrossing, is aware of the role SEO plays in a company’s success in the digital age. During his time with Yandy, the company generated an annual turnover of $50 million. The strategic Green Supply and T1 alliance has expedited sales to a similar degree of affluence in the PPE space. 

As Vice President for T1, Hogan utilized this essential puzzle piece and several other marketing tactics to expand the agency and its clients concurrently. Hogan amalgamated having friends in high places with his marketing revelations to secure a lead in the exploitation of the digital age. Stay tuned as Hogan takes T1 to new heights and elicits the competitions’ struggle to keep up.