How to Get a Year’s Worth of Luxury Watches

Eleven James is a lending library that allows connoisseurs to measure time in exotic timepieces.

Eleven James is a simple business built on a simple principle: Even the most desirable accessories lose their luster over time. The members club is the brainchild of Randy Brandoff, a former executive at NetJets who wanted a way to wear the watches he was excited about without having to buy each of them. His idea? Create a lending library of luxury timepieces. A subscription to his service now allows watch buffs to redecorate their wrists six times a year. After two months, when the excitement begins to wear thin, they get a new watch.

“Whether you are new to luxury watches or an experienced collector, there will always be exponentially more watch brands and models that you would like to wear than you want or are able to own,” Brandoff explains.

It’s hard to argue with the logic and impossible to argue with Eleven James’s selections. Here’s what a year’s worth of watches from the service looks like. It’s enough to make even serious collectors consider a new model.