How to Look Good With Wild Hair

Getting that devil-may-care hair actually takes a bit of effort.

Rebellion is always in style. It is now; it will be next year. Sure, have a Moses-style part may go over well with the board of directors, but looking like you rolled out of bed underscores the point that what seems like rocket science to them is just another Tuesday for you. The key is to look like you rolled out of bed instead of actually just rolling out of bed.

Celebrity groomer Amy Komorowski, who works with Axe Styling Paste and has tousled the famous mops of Ewan McGregor, Eddie Redmayne, and Jeremy Renner, has some tips for getting the deliberately disheveled style. The artfully mussed mane “works best on hair that is a bit longer on top and short on the sides, or medium length all over,” she explains, adding that you’ll need to assemble the right arsenal of products.

Use muds, pastes, or texturizing sprays to “give hair a second day lived-in look,” says Komorowski. “These products will give your hair just the right amount of grit and grip.” Rake the product throughout your hair (spray texturizing spray on your hands before applying it), using your hands to “manipulate it and mess it up,” and then focus on fine-tuning individual pieces with your fingers. It’s a bit of an ongoing process, but you won’t look bad if you have a single strand astray. That’s the whole point. “It should have a wildness to it, but a bit tamed…” says Komorowski, “Like you just got out of a convertible or a boat.”

What You’ll Need:

Hanz de Fuko Quicksand

If you’re going on day two sans shampoo, this grease-sucking wonder will help cover up the evidence. And it gives good texture. [$17.50;]

Mr Natty Clay Hair Preparation

This thick clay bulks up thinner hair without making it look like it’s coated in product. And it has a lady-killing coconut scent. [$26.50;]

Fellow Barber Texture Paste

Created by barbers for barbers, this styling product offers the perfect matte finish and medium hold to get the right kind of dishevelment. The water-soluble formula means it will easily wash out. [$22;]

V76 by Vaughn Tex Texture Paste

With conditioning clay culled from the Great Plains and hydrating beeswax harvested from hives in California, this texturizing paste is a natural choice for drier hair types. [$26;]

Lavett & Chin Sea Salt Texturizing Mist

Get hair that looks like it just dried after a day spent chasing waves. [$30,]

Photos by Taylor Hill / Getty Images