Hublot and Berluti Join Forces For New Big Bang Watch

These bangin’ watches celebrate the luxury timepiece’s 15th anniversary.

Berluti x Hublot

Watchmaker Hublot partnered with leather-centric menswear designers Berluti for the first time in 2016 to blend the luxury houses’ aesthetics. It’s a simpatico relationship worth celebrating and the new Big Bang Berluti does just that—but in a decidedly old-school, masculine way.

Big Bang Berluti with metal and leather straps

Berluti artistic director Kris Van Assche and Hublot blended their creativity and craft for this 15th-anniversary celebration of the Big Bang model, which was first introduced to the market in 2005 by Luxembourg watchmaker Jean-Claude Biver.


The Big Bang was an immediate disruptor among luxury watches, combining materials like precious metals and rubber in new and unorthodox ways. It pointed the way forward for Hublot and secured its competitive standing among old legacy brands like Rolex and Omega.

Hublot x Berluti’s partnership has come to life in the exquisitely designed Classic Fusion, which is a stunning example of tradition and innovation. With the Big Bang Berluti, they evolved, fashioning a more modern take on that aesthetic, blending Berluti’s traditionalist approach and Hublot’s modernism with an elegance that is uncommon and truly unique.


Here are selected specs, per the watchmaker:

  • Materials include Berluti’s legendary Venezia leather sandwiched between two pieces of sapphire glass, through which the wearer can see the gears of the Unico movement
  • First-ever use of Venezia leather on the bezel, allowing it to acquire a beautiful patina over time
  • Unico manufacture MHUB1242 movement
  • Chronograph with flyback function 
  • Impressive 72 hours of power reserve

We’ll update with the retail price when it becomes available, but previous Big Bang models run from $6,000 to as much as $23,000 USD. The Big Bang Berluti launches on November 17th.

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