Hublot Enlisted a Famous Tattoo Artist to Design Their Latest Luxury Watch

Its jarring geometric design was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man.”

Big Bang Sang Bleu.jpg

Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot has enlisted the help of renowned tattoo artist Maxime Büchi for its latest over-the-top watch. The Big Bang Sang Bleu is no tramp stamp timepiece however; its geometric design is meant to evoke “the harmonious and proportional relationships derived from Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.” Sang Bleu is the name of Büchi’s London tattoo shop where Kanye West goes to get inked.


The watch sports a 45mm titanium case, hexagonal bezel and matte black dial. There are no hands; rather the time is displayed through the superposition of three rhodium-plated octagonal-shaped discs. The largest disc indicates the hours, while the small one marks the minutes.

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It comes on a a black calfskin strap with a rubber backing, hot stamped in a gradient from black to gray. Just 200 pieces will be made, priced somewhere north of $25,000 – though Hublot hasn’t said just how far north just yet.