Idaho Man Turns Back Hair into Art

Is this the newest trend in manscaping?


I’ve never been a hairy guy. While Abercrombie & Fitch tells me this is a blessing, there are times I wonder what I’m missing out on.

Apparently, I’m missing out on a lot.

One particularly furry dude from Idaho, coincidentally named Mike Wolfe, is doing some incredible things with his pelt, using it as a canvas for his art. After years of shame and ridicule, Wolfe is showing the world back hair can be beautiful by shaving it into creative designs.

Who knew manscaping had such potential?

The self-proclaimed back-hair artist has even unveiled a calendar of his best looks, which include a patriotic American flag for July and a spooky “Grim Reap-hair” for October. You can buy it on Wolfe’s website for $20 if you’re into that sort of thing (no judgment here). 

Shudder all you want, but there’s something sort of brave—even heroic—about his act of hirsute defiance. This rings especially true in a nation where over 100 million men remove their body hair. Wolfe told local news station KTVB, “Everybody always makes fun of the guy with back hair. Well, now it’s my turn to shine.”

Watch him shine below:

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