Insert Foot Here: Asics Kayano 20th Anniversary Sneaker 2-Pack

A retro trainer and a modern running shoe, together at last.

What it is: Asics Kayano 20th Anniversary 2-pack, $300

Why we like it: The Original Asics Kayano came out 20 years ago, and to commemorate its birthday, it has been restyled and recolored for today. That’s all well and good, but what if you don’t want to give up the look of the original shoe from the early ‘90s, but do want to upgrade to the latest, most high-tech running shoe? Well, now you can have both – and they come together in the same box. Wear the classic for light workouts, and take the upgraded version out for serious runs (or when you’re trying to fool people into thinking you’ve ever gone for a serious run).

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Photos by Asics