Insert Foot Here: Tsubo Wexler II Shoes

Classic footwear style meets high-tech features.

Classic footwear style meets high-tech features.

Photograph courtesy of Tsubo

What it is: Tsubo Wexler II shoes, $220

Why we like it: If you like the idea of a classic oxford shoe that goes with jeans and chinos, but don’t want to look like a total library dork, check out Tsubo’s Wexler II shoes. While they take their design cues from a bespoke tradition, they’ve been given a modern edge, with cool leather details that make them a good everyday shoe when you can’t wear your favorite sneaks. But you wouldn’t know that from running around in them, since their lining helps your feet breath (Thank God!), and double-density PU foam in the foot bed absorbs shock. You’ll feel like you can run laps in these babies even if you’re just trudging to the train.

Where to get it:

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