Insert Foot Here: Under Armour Micro G Gridiron Trainers

This football shoe provides the hits that keep on hitting.

What it is: Under Armour Micro G Gridiron Trainers

Why we like it: It’s that time again: Football players are strapping on pads for the first time this season, and are once again banging their brains together. It has been scientifically proven in Maxim that the amount of brain-banging is directly correlated to how well your kicks perform (or look. That’s important too). And in that regard, you can’t do much better than Under Armour’s Micro G Gridiron Trainers. Did you know that shoes have a center of gravity? Well, they do, and this shoe has an especially low one, allowing running backs to cut, juke, and score a million points for your fantasy team when you are playing that asshole Kirk. So head to Foot Locker and strap these on. We know you can’t wait to get out there – unless, of course, you’re one of the Jets. In that case, we recommend you take your time and check out the hilarious commercial below.

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