This Beverly Hills Swimsuit Shoot Will Make You See Stars

Five bikini models joined forces for a “a modern take on the Golden Age of Hollywood.”

Miki Hamano/@misshamino

A quintet of rising beauties are the striking subjects of Los Angeles photographer Ben Tsui’s latest swimwear shoot, and we’ve got the first look in this exclusive slideshow:

The Hong Kong-born Tsui says he sought to curate “a modern take on the Golden Age of Hollywood,” citing visions of acting legends like Katharine Hepburn, Pam Grier or Zhang Ziyias on a Beverly Hills afternoon as inspiration.  

Models Miki Hamano, Rebekah Allred, Jocelyn Chew, Megan Hayley and Juliette Nadine certainly captured that classic Tinseltown vibe as they sunbathe by a pool and shower off in a mix of candid and staged photos.

Tsui’s love of American film is deep-seated, and it shows in his other work, which often features silver screen-worthy costumes and props. He pointed to one famous actress and model in particular who kickstarted his love of American cinema at a young age. 

“I remember having the biggest crush on Brooke Shields when I was 7 or 8 years old. Fast forward to 15 years ago, I landed a staff photographer job at a prominent celebrity news agency. There I was surrounded by the glamour and the fast pace drama of the entertainment industry.”

“That love and connection to story telling continues to be the main driving force of my work today photographing for fashion brands and magazines.”

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