This Couple Rakes in Over Six Figures a Year by Instagramming Around the Globe

Don't hate.
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Think back to when your parents and guidance counselors pressured you to settle on a traditional career—like a doctor, lawyer or lion tamer.

But sky's the limit in 2017. One couple, 26-year-old Jack Morris and 24-year-old Lauren Bullen, have made it into the top tax brackets by Instagramming around the globe.

You know how Instagram bombshells like Abigail Ratchford rake in six figures (or much more) by shelling for big brands in sponsored posts? Well, Bullen and Morris, operating under the handle @doyoutravel, have been doing the same, but in exotic postcard-worthy locales in Kenya, Indonesia and beyond.

Their melding of #couplegoals and #travelporn has become so lucrative (they reportedly together earn six figures) that they both quit their jobs and now travel the globe as their nine-to-fives, although their home base is Bali.

"Growing up I didn't really know what to do. I finished school when I was 17 and went straight to work," Morris wrote on the couple's blog

About his enviable gig, Morris wrote, "Brands, tourism brands, etc. pay me to promote their product or their location on Instagram."

Keep living the dream, guys. Don't mind the rest of us, as we sit in our dim cubicles browsing your perfectly framed Instagram shots on our 15-minute lunch breaks.