ISIS Jihadist Caught While Having a Hair Transplant

That’s one way to get ahead of crime.

We can all sympathize with a bad hair day, but there are probably more pressing matters when you’re on a most-wanted list. 

Turkish police recently arrested a suspected Islamic State jihadist while he was getting a hair transplant procedure at a beauty salon, according to The Times of Israel

The balding fundamentalist, identified as French citizen Mehdibend Said, was under surveillance after crossing from Syria into Turkey, where he was reportedly plotting a terrorist attack on Turkish soil. This is not before having a cosmetic procedure done in the town of Izmir on the Aegean coast, where the pressure to look good is real. 

Said told investigators that he also hoped to have a second cosmetic procedure done soon to make him “look better.” 

While this story has prompted a great deal of finger pointing and laughing, the threat of terrorist attacks in Turkey is no laughing matter. An ISIS-related terrorist attack killed 102 people outside the Ankara Central Station back in October, and police recently nabbed 20 suspected ISIS members in the resort town of Antalya, which played host to the G20 summit days later.

I don’t think Said will have time for that second touch-up in the slammer.