Jacob & Co. Unveils $20 Million ‘Billionaire Timeless Treasure’ Watch

The insanely expensive timepiece is completely covered in ultra-rare yellow diamonds.

(Jacob & Co.)

Jacob & Co.’s latest “Billionaire Timeless Treasure” isn’t just the most sensational item to debut so far at 2023 Watches and Wonders, but perhaps the most sensational model ever made by the ultra-luxury watchmaker.

That’s saying something about a brand that routinely ignites media fervor with releases like this $1 million blacked-out Bugatti collaboration and a tourbillon featuring a globe rotating on its axis as it rounds a Milky Way dial.

(Jacob & Co.)

But the Billionaire Timeless Treasure is truly in a league of its own. Forbes reports that the $20 million bauble is covered in 425 Asscher-Cut Fancy Yellow and Intense Yellow diamonds. Only one in 10,000 diamonds made naturally in the earth are yellow, making it one of the rarest colors.

Jacob & Co. spent three and a half years and thousands of man hours collecting and cutting 880 carats worth of diamonds down to a final weight of 216.89 carats. This “diamond waste” was due to the Art Deco-born Asscher Cut, which consists of a square diamond with clipped and angled corners.

(Jacob & Co.)

“For the Billionaire Timeless Treasure, we were receiving stones one by one, two by two, three at the most,” Seraina Wicht, head of gemology watch production at Jacob & Co., said in a statement. “It happened several times that we spent several weeks without receiving a single one that was worthy of the piece.”

After the diamonds were cut, 15 gem setters spent months crafting a piece of 18K yellow gold into what would serve as the case and bracelet. Individual gold prongs were hand-carved to accept a specific diamond, as each gemstone varies slightly in size.

(Jacob & Co.)

The watch face features another 76 ems—3.59 carats worth—of kite- and emerald-cut green tsavorites surrounding the JCAM39 skeletonized movement, which is set with 57 yellow baguette-cut diamonds. The manual-winding movement, viewable through a sapphire crystal case back, boasts 167 parts and a 72-hour power reserve.

Jacob & Co. has made 21 Billionaire watches, all but one of which has sold. The first released in 2015 with 260 carats of white diamonds, and a 2018 rendition was famously purchased for $18 million by Floyd Mayweather.

Which baller will pick up the Jacob & Co.’s latest Billionaire bauble?