7 Iconic James Bond Styles That Every Guy Should Try

Because let’s be honest, we all want to be the man.

Sean Connery slept in his suits while filming forDr. No. Yes, you read that right, he slept in his suits. Well that’s the rumor anyway, and if true, the act shows just how serious Bond’s style is; about as intense as his license to kill. Over the course of 23 films, 007 and the actors that portrayed him were style influencers long before platforms like Twitter and Tumblr existed, inspiring men (both real and fictional) around the globe with immaculate tailoring, envy-worthy coats, and sharp details that tie the whole package together.

With the newest film, Spectre, set to release on November 6, Bond style will once be at the forefront of popular culture. Straight from MI6’s style department, here’s the intelligence you’ll need to recreate seven of James Bond’s most iconic looks. (P.S. We’ve thrown a few budget-conscious versions in for you because we don’t all have an MI6 budget.)

Ivory Dinner Jacket

There are dinner jacket and then there are dinner jackets. Sean Connery made this look infamous in Goldfinger and while wearing this one from J. Crew won’t launch you into his style stratosphere, it’ll get you closer. (Alternate version: Asos)

Black Turtleneck

In recent years, the black turtleneck (like this option from John Smedley) has become synonymous with thieves, assassins, and the animated TV show Archer, but it was Roger Moore’s go as James Bond in Live and Let Die that rocked the original ‘tactleneck’. (Alternate version: Uniqlo)

The Safari Jacket

The infamous Roger Moore-era Safari Jacket featured in Man With The Golden Gun is arguably the boldest style choice of these selections, but that’s OK: to be like Bond, sometimes you need to be bold. And, festooned with pockets, jackets like this one from Banana Republic offer plenty of room for gadgets of your own. (Alternate version: LL Bean)

The Tweed Jacket

Roger Moore’s tweed shooting jacket is far more grounded than the space-bound antics of Moonraker. Highly fashionable, this jacket will keep you warm as those winter chills become unbearable. (Alternate version: Gap)

The Tan Suit

While navy suits are definitely a staple —Pierce Brosnan sported one throughout his tenure as Bond, — it’s the tan variation in The World is Not Enough that comes as a trump card. While casual enough for a relaxed weekend, this version from SuitSupply is sharp enough to keep your cool, even while you’re being tortured by French beauty Sophie Marceau. (Alternate version: H&M)

The Swim Trunks

Daniel Craig’s take on James Bond certainly made a splash with audiences when he walked out of the ocean wearing these swim trunks by GrigioPerla in Casino Royale. In the months to follow, the style swung the style pendulum, favoring shorter trunk styles from the likes of Orlebar Brown and Parke & Ronen. (Alternate version: Macy’s)

The Peacoat

Named for Bond Street in New York city, this Billy Reid peacoat started off as a favorite of Daniel Craig himself, and made it into the film off of his personal recommendation. The result? The coat sold out after Skyfall’s 2012 release and the brand has re-introduced it, keeping it as a main part of the line since.  (Alternate version: Gap)