James Harden Just Got An $200 Million Adidas Deal — But He’s Never Worn the Brand

You’re probably going to get pissed reading this story.

It was big news when last week when Adidas closed a deal with Houston Rockets guardJames Harden that locked the pair into a 13-year deal. Adidas not only managed to poach the coveted Houston player from Nike, but also promised a rumored $200 million over 13 years, or some $15 million per year on average. That’s no chump change, even compared to his NBA contemporaries.

There’s just one problem: Harden’s never worn a pair before.

When asked how Adidas style shape up and fit on the court in a video interview on Monday, Harden said: “I haven’t had an opportunity to rock them yet but just hearing the fact that they’ve got shoes that are light, very comfortable, durable and that will fit my foot well — you know i do a lot of changing direction, a lot of Eurostepping and whatnot, so i need something that’s going to lock in my foot. From the talks, they have some shoes that will definitely fit.”

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The talks? Dude.



Oct 1, 2015 at 8:18am PDT

Well thankfully, the Beard won’t have any trouble trying on a pair form the company now. Last week, to seal the merger, Adidas sent over a litter truckload of footwear, ensuring that Harden never has to walk around barefoot. Must be nice.



Oct 1, 2015 at 8:53am PDT

Photos by Noah Graham/National Basketball Association