This Insane Hotel Room Has a Full-Size Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Next to the Bed

It’s way cooler than counting sheep.

(Photo: Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu)

(Photo: Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu)

A Tokyo hotel is offering a high-flying room perfect for anyone who’s ever wondered what it feels like to pilot a passenger jet. 

Tokyo’s Haneda Excel Hotel is renting out the Superior Cockpit Room complete with a full-sized Boeing 737-800 flight simulator cockpit right next to the bed, so you can practice your flight skills before hitting the hay.

(Photo: Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu)

To make things even more realistic, the hotel is connected to the Haneda International Airport, making for a very well-rounded airplane theme.

According to CNN, the hotel’s public relations manager Aki Hagiwara says the cost of installing a replica of a Boeing 737-800 cockpit was a whopping 10 million yen ($92,000). 

The room itself costs 25,300 yen per night, or around $233, and you can book a 90-minute lesson with a flight instructor for an additional 30,000 yen–about $277. 

The Superior Cockpit Room is open for booking beginning July 18.