You Should Be Wearing Suede Shoes This Fall. Here’s How To Clean Them

Because you really do need a desert boot.

Almost every year I get a new pair of Clarks Desert Boots. The company sends me a pair of their suede gum soles about once a year, and every year it’s just in time for wearing as I’ve scuffed and ruined the ones from the year prior. That sounds like I’m gloating, but it’s not — they’re remarkable, versatile shoes good for almost all occasions, but they can be a bitch to keep pristine.

But everyone doesn’t have a friend at Clarks. Everyone can’t throw out a pair of sneakers every year in order to replace them, and with good reason — it’s plain wasteful. So finding a way to clean your suede shoes is pretty key if you’re going to invest in a pair. Thankfully Jason Markk is here to quell those woes.

Having been known for their sneaker cleaning products for years, Markk’s latest release is specifically for suede. A suede specific eraser for the cleaning and a brush to return your suede back to the way it looked originally make up the $12 package. We haven’t tried this product in particular, but if it’s anything like their other cleaning products, you should be throwing your money at them.