Jason Sudeikis Shows the World Exactly How to Rock Sneakers With a Tux

Here’s the pair you’ll want to wear.


Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis attend the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards (Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images)

Wearing sneakers with a tuxedo is a risky move. Sure, adding some casual flair to tired formal menswear has its sartorial benefits, but there’s always the chance that your accent item of choice— sneakers, an unusual tie, or even those crazily-colored power socks — will completely backfire

Leave it to well-known celebrity sneakerhead Jason Sudeikis to show the world exactly how to pull of sneakers at a black-tie event. Appearing alongside his gorgeous fiancée Olivia Wilde at this year’s Golden Globes, the boyish funnyman stepped out on the red carpet sporting Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord Lows’ with his tux. 

(Photo: Nike)

It’s a good look for the uber-casual comedian — Sudeikis rocked Jordans with a tux at the 2013 Met Ball — and the black-and-white sneaker really works for him stylistically. There’s a reason for that: According to Maxim’s resident sneakerhead Gustavo Gonzalez, the ‘Concord’ Low were actually made with the tuxedo in mind; Jordan wanted a sneaker to wear on and off the court, and it’s the 11s are the model most often worn to proms or weddings.

If you’re not keen on the Lows, they aren’t too different from the Air Jordan ’11Lab4′ flagged by our friends at Esquire as the ideal sneaker to rock with a tux. Both are simple, elegant patent leather sneakers that add a bit of character to the traditional tux without being overly flashy or garish.

Want to get Sudeikis’ red carpet look for your next formal outing? Pick up a pair of ‘Concorde’ Lows of at Nike’s website. As for the tux — you’re on your own.