These $315 Jean Panties Are Driving The Internet Crazy

Whether you call them “janties” or “junderwear,” people are just not having it.

(Photo: SSENSE)

(Photo: SSENSE)

The latest unfortunate trend in the colorful and confusing world of women’s fashion are jean panties, also affectionately known as “Janties” or, alternatively, “Junderwear.”

(Photo: SSENSE)

The interesting take on traditional undergarments was first seen on the decorated runway of Paris Fashion Week for the brand Y/Project, which saw the janties paired with a strapless cowskin rug-inspired top and a white karate belt. 

(Photo: Getty)

Now, online retailer SSENSE is selling the monstrosity that’s reminiscent of a denim diaper for a pricey $315, because fashion.

(Photo: SSENSE)

If you or someone you know absolutely must own one of these small patches of denim, you could instead just purchase a pair of cheap $20 jeans from a Goodwill or Walmart near you and cut the legs off…and then throw it all into the trash where it belongs.

(Photo: SSENSE)

The above tweet poses a good question. Perhaps they could be worn in an empty and dark room where no one would see you, or for Halloween if the costume in question is “confused person with bad style.”

The Twitterverse is also deeply unsettled by janties:

Here’s hoping this trend doesn’t last long.