Jimmy Fallon Is Starting a Sports Apparel Line, Because Why Not?

And he’s counting Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger as contemporaries.

If Ellen Degeneres and Victor Cruz can make a play for the all mighty fashion dollar, so can Jimmy Fallon. Come later this month, the Tonight Show host will be working with G-III Apparel Corp. on a line for sports fans everywhere. Yes you read that right: a sports apparel line.

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fanatics and sports stadiums will soon play host to Fallon’s Hands High collection that features t-shirts and fleeces. The comedic kicker of the line-up? Team logos from the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB will be slapped into the armpits of fans. Seems like prime territory when it comes time to do the Wave.

“When people put their hands up for high-five, that’s the best place in the world to put a logo,” said G-III CEO Morris Goldfarb in an interview with Womenswear Daily. The company also collaborates with Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. “As Jimmy says, that’s beachfront.”

Just make sure you use antiperspirant guys.

Photos by NBC