Go Back to the ’90s With This Year’s Craziest New Trend, JNCO Jeans

The extra-wide pants are back from the dead.

Guys in skinny jeans? Not on our watch. Shop our JNCO Kangaroo jeans today!

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Sometimes, binging on X-Files reruns, rapping along with Biggie, or awkwardly dropping “Not!” in sentences isn’t enough to escape the deadening malaise of 2017. For those desperately seeking a return to 1995, the resurgence of one supremely ’90s fashion trend will provide an escape—JNCO jeans.

Before the War on Terror or smartphones, JNCO jeans were the go-to pants for grungy teens chilling at food courts or sucking on lollipops at raves. But with the new millennium, skinny jeans came along and JNCO slowly stopped production. Until now.

The revived company, JNCO Apparel, recently announced it would again begin mass producing its trademark denim pants, either due to a surge in ’90s nostalgia or, as we pointed out last year, the current fashion for wide-fitting, flowing pants. To wit, skinny jeans are over, and the JNCO never dies. 

Get your pair on JNCO’s website, where they sell in the $50 to $100 range. That’s a good price considering all the denim you get.

h/t GQ