Kanye West’s Yeezy ‘Foam Runner’ Shoes Look Like Crocs and the Internet Can’t Handle It

“I didn’t think that anything could be uglier than crocs, but I was wrong.”

Kanye West Getty Images
Kanye West

It’s called the Yeezy Foam Runner, it’s out in 2020, and no one wants it other than to make jokes about how it looks like Crocs. No, that last bit is a joke, we think. 

Still, Kanye West’s upcoming shoe design recently dropped on social media and the reaction was mostly a mix of confusion and amusement. 


Twitter user “MissesThe90s” put it succinctly: “I didn’t think that anything could be uglier than crocs, but I was wrong.”


The Foam Runners looked like kitchen equipment to another person.

As the New York Times reported, Yeezy Foam Runners have already been seen in public: “It wasn’t the white shoes’ first appearance on the internet; Mr. West’s daughter North was seen on Instagram in June wearing a child-size prototype.”

But you know, a kid wearing kicks like that doesn’t draw attention, even if it’s the child of Kanye and wife Kim Kardashian. They just look very different on adult feet. Hence the roasting: 



Others had the numbers of the people making jokes, though.


There’s no doubt it’s true: these will still sell like crazy. 

Feeling the love for “Yocs,” or “Kroceezys?” Maybe want your own pair one day? From the NYT:

The new shoes are set to debut at the end of the year and will be called the Yeezy Foam Runner, according to an email from Yeezy confirming the shoe’s release. Beyond that, the company did not comment. It was unclear how much the shoes might cost, but other Yeezys sell for hundreds of dollars, and sometimes more than $1,000 on the resale market.

Could this be a problem for West’s fashion business? While one researcher told the Times that “You don’t want to have negative buzz” on an upcoming product, it’s also true that people have ripped on West’s products in the past, with GQ once saying Yeezy Boosts were the “coolest” shoes on the planet and also the “least wearable.”

We’re pretty sure Kanye West’s bottom line will be fine. Love ’em or hate ’em (see above), crocs are everywhere. No reason Foam Runners won’t be the shoe of 2020, either.