La Croix Swim Trunks Are Now a Thing, We Regret to Inform You

No, they are not flavored.

(Photos: Public Space)

La Croix swept hipster enclaves of America with its naturally flavored, zero calorie seltzer waters and classy-sounding French name that no one actually knows how to pronounce.

It’s about to sweep the beaches this summer in the form of La Croix-branded swim trunks and one-pieces. Oh dear God…

The Wisconsin-based brand is not to blame. It’s the work of Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Public Space. Somehow, that just makes it worse.

Every flavor is represented, from pamplemousse (grapefruit) to lime. The colors inspire as much nausea on swimwear as they do on beverage cans.

Shop them on the Public Space website. Trunks go for $39.50, one-piece swimsuits for $49.50 and special collaboration trunks with KRISPYSHORTS for $44.50.

h/t Esquire