Lacoste Debuts Eco-Conscious ‘Loop Polo’ Shirt

The iconic crocodile polo is getting an eco-savvy makeover.

lacoste loop polo promo

Lacoste is going from crocs to eco-conscious with an environmentally sustainable twist on the brand’s classic polo shirt. The new eco-friendly “Loop Polo” is made of 30% recycled cotton spun together with 70% virgin cotton.

The Loop Polo’s unique “closed loop” process means no two polos are identical. They feature a distinctive speckled look in Heather Gray or Midnight Blue, maintaining the brand’s signature “petit piqué” texture, two-button neckline, short sleeves, and tonal croc camouflage (made from recycled polyester) to ensure the polo’s sporty spirit is still intact.


Consuming less water but remaining faithful to the crocodile’s classic vibe, the Lacoste Loop Polo aims to kickstart an eco-savvy new era for the French brand, which recently joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s “Make Fashion Circular” program in December 2020. 


Since 2009, the non-profit fashion association has helped style brands become greener, with a focus on how making and consuming clothes impacts the planet. 

The Lacoste Loop Polo retails for $135 and will be available starting February 22, 2021 in stores and online at