Lanvin’s Python Sneakers Are Low-Key Luxe

Lead us into temptation.

Luxury sneakers might seem like a paradox, but they make perfect sense: the comfort and street-style cool of a sneaker paired with the rich materials and handmade construction that make dress-shoes such a necessary indulgence. Take Lanvin’s sumptuous python-skin sneaks: The look is strikingly contemporary, yet the craftsmanship and meticulously selected materials that could only come from the oldest fashion house in Paris. While not two-tone per se (the python skin and low-shine leather toe cap are both inky black), the textural interplay lends a sense of fun to a dark shoe, and the cap recalls the grandfather of athletic footwear, Converse’s Chuck Taylor. With deluxe materials, trim shape, and quality construction, this serpentine sneaker will lead you into only the best temptations. And look good with a tux[$1,345;]

Photos by Lanvin