Your Morning Shave Is Going Hi-Tech With This Laser Razor

Your face + lasers = the cleanest shave.

UPDATE: Read the latest with the company in our article here.

ORIGINAL: You shave your face like your dad did. More than likely, he shaved his face like his father, who shaved his face like his father. Maybe a few generations back someone was using a sharpened rock to shave but for the most part, it’s been the same lather, shave, repeat game , possibly with toilet paper covered nicks, for ages. But March 2016 is the beginning of the future.

In a Kickstarter campaign that’s been funded four times over, Morgan Gustavsson MBBS and Paul Binun plan to launch a handheld razor that uses a small laser to cut your facial hair. Yes, you read that correctly, you’re about to go Obi Wan Kenobi every morning in the bathroom. Meet Skarp.

In something that resembles a miniature putter, the aluminum made trimmer is built from 6061 aluminum and combines the expertise of both founders. Gustavsson invented Intense Pulsed Light which is still a preferred method of hair removal today. Together with Binun, he developed a laser that would cut hair length of any color.

The result seems like the easiest shave you’ll ever get. Without razor blades it would seem that the lack of friction would alleviate razor burn, irritation and even accidental nicks. The technology is powered by a single AAA battery which will need to be replaced about once a month. Seems like we’ll have to wait until March to find out the specifics for sure. You can pre-order one razor for $159.

May the force be with you.

Photos by Kickstarter