That Razor Laser We All Loved Has Been Suspended From Kickstarter

Remember to read the fine print guys.

UPDATE: The project has now relocated to IndieGogo and can be supported here. Look out for our exclusive interview with the team behind Skarp Wednesday.

ORIGINAL: We were excited about the idea of having a razor powered by lasers. No, excited isn’t the word, we were fucking stoked. Sure, maybe it was a little premature but we cleared counter space for it already, waiting for the day we could wield the hair splitting force of light. Except that day isn’t coming like we’d hoped.

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As of this publishing, some 15 hours ago Kickstarter suspended the Skarp razor campaign in a binding action that is not likely to be revisited. Their reason was clear: “We’ve concluded that [Skarp] is in violation of our rule requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards.” You know what that means, even though the company said they had it all figured out, they didn’t have a physical version to show for it.

Now we won’t speculate and say that the $4 million they raised was all a scam. Maybe while saving their faces, they simply forgot to make the prototype but they knew how. Maybe they knew how to make the prototype but just didn’t have the funds to create it. What we do know? We’re going back to the same razors our dad used for now.