Lebron James Just Revealed the First Look at His New Sneakers, and the Reactions Are Mixed

What do you think?


LeBron James just offered sneakerheads a sneak peak of his upcoming LeBron 15 on Instagram.

The hi-tops in a new “ghost” colorway have wrap-around ankles similar to those from the Lebron 11 but are done up in mesh material with an unusual texture (kinda like scales).


They also appear to have similar spring cushioning that you saw on the Lebron 14, which delivered ultimate comfort.

“O My Goodness,” James wrote in his Instagram caption, with the hashtags #LeBron15 and #GhostColorway. “I’m overly excited about this moment right now in time! More to come soon.”

Despite the usual LeBron trappings, reactions on Instagram were mixed. They ranged from “Those shoes are fire” to “YUCK.”

A charcoal colorway has also made its way online, and the reception has been warmer.

We’ll see how they sell when Nike eventually gives them an official release. 

Uproxx also noted one intriguing detail:

There is no apparent Nike swoosh on these in the picture James shared on Thursday night.

Whether the shoe is a hit or not, it’s just the latest bit of news for the Cavaliers. They introduced new point guard, Isaiah Thomas, on Thursday. Stay tuned to see if either of them are rocking the new 15s on the court.