Let’s Make Dog Scarves a Thing

Your best buddy wants to hang out and you want to stay warm. Everybody’s happy.

Scientific studies have shown that the easiest way to attract a woman is to introduce her to your dog. Experience has shown that, come winter, things get a bit chilly. How best to synthesize this information? By bundling up with an accessory that you know every pretty jogger in the park will want to check out. The dog scarf is not only a macho answer to the fox stole, but a way to bring any outfit together.

Kate Bosworth clearly loves dog scarves (see above) and there’s no reason to believe that your crush won’t feel the same way. There are only two potential sticking points: Lack of a dog and lack of an appropriately sized dog. Medium-sized spaniels work, but German Shepherds are pretty unwieldy. Irish Wolfhounds are hard on the back (though surprisingly game). That’s why the best way to pull this off is to convince your hound-owning friends to let your dog sit then let the dog sit on you. Just be sure you’re on good terms with the pup first. An angry dog scarf is going to turn heads, but not in the way you want.

Photos by Frazer Harrison / WireImage / Getty Images