Grail Watch + Bell & Ross Collab For Trilogy Of Bold Timepieces

The exclusive three-watch set was crafted in partnership with architect and designer Alain Silberstein.

Bell & Ross Grail Watch Trilogy
Grail Watch

The idea of a “grail watch” likely exists in your own mind or vision board, a covetable timepiece you simply have to own. But what about three of them? The latest literal “Grail Watch” offering comes from Bell & Ross and famed designer and architect Alain Silberstein, and each is a sight to behold.

Dubbed the Grail Watch 4 Trilogy Box Set, the luxe trio of watches uses signature design cues from Bell & Ross, like that iconic square dial, as the foundation for some of the most colorful, fun watch designs on the market (each with a different purpose).

Grail Watch

Certainly, more straightforward models like the Bell & Ross BR-X5 are aspirational and impressive in their own right, but there’s enough eye-catching, bold and memorable design in this new trilogy to impress even the most fervent collector.

Grail Watch

The $16,700 set boasts the time-only Klub 22, along with the aptly named Krono 22 Chronograph and the dive-oriented Marine 22. Each boasts a hard-wearing 42mm case made from black ceramic and outfitted with a functional black rubber strap.

That’s where it gets interesting, to say the least.

Grail Watch

As Grail Watch notes, the design of the Klub 22, for instance, takes a turn as the watch hands “transform into functional geometric shapes,” and the Krono 22 boasts a colorful seconds hand that is the largest Bell & Ross has ever fitted onto a chronograph.

Grail Watch

It’s the fusion of the sturdy, square Bell & Ross case shape outfitted with Silberstein’s colorful designs that represents a new frontier, Grail Watch said.

“The clarity and integrity of Bell & Ross designer Bruno Belamich’s aviation-inspired square — especially in this black ceramic case — is the perfect counterpoint to Silberstein’s distinctive design language,” the watch collaborator notes.

To add not one, not two but three impeccably designed watches to your collection, make note: The first 50 of each model are sold exclusively in a limited-edition box set.