Levi’s Launches $495 Chewbacca Denim Trucker Jacket

It’s the limited-edition Wookie jean jacket you never knew you needed.


Levi’s is making a limited edition Chewbacca trucker jacket for die-hard Star Wars stans who want to rock the likeness of everyone’s favorite Wookie. 

Arriving as a part of the already stacked Levi’s x Star Wars Collection under the denim brand’s Authorized Vintage line, the rugged, American-made garment was inspired by an archival still from the classic 1977 installment Episode IV – A New Hope. 

Each limited-edition example features Chewy-like hair and fibers on the back that were applied using a special embroidery technique and hand work. Unlike the black Chewbacca hoodie Maxim.com previously covered, the sleeves aren’t stitched with the phaser-slinging creature’s signature “GGWWWRRGGHH!!!!” growl. 

(Photo: Levi’s)

If the Dark Side is more your scene, the Levi’s x Star Wars Collection also includes a black denim jacket adorned with a large Darth Vader on the back. More heroic jackets feature Han Solo’s famous “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” quote stitched across the arms and shoulders, or a back embedded with the image of an O.G. movie poster. 

Meanwhile, an otherworldly hoodie has “In a galaxy far, far away” printed in Star Wars typeface, and a baseball cap that reads “May the force be with you” on the strap. 

While many items from the Levi’s x Star Wars Collection are available right now online, a mere 60 Chewbacca trucker jackets will drop on December 20—the same day as the much-anticipated and premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


That means you’ll likely have to act quickly to get one for a decidedly grown-up $495 exclusively on the Levi’s app. May the Force be with you.