Fashion Show Spotlighting Little People Rules Paris Fashion Week

Fashion week may have just redeemed itself. 

Paris Fashion Week amused the public when designer Rick Owens sent a gaggle of models down the runway wearing other models as human backpacks—and it wasn’t even a promotional stunt for Zoolander 2. One of the lesser-known  players of the week, however, may have reminded the world why high fashion might be worth our attention.

In a standout show from Creative Business House and the “Donnons-leur une chance” (Give them a chance) association, fashion week spectators witnessed a runway show  featuring only little people. Models no taller than 4-feet 4-inches showed off the latest stylings of New York Creative Business House. The show was hosted by the France’s Ministry of Culture, which has been working on changing the idea that the catwalk should be limited just to the tall and the slim. Eat your heart out, Chanel! 

This was the third edition of the show, which premiered at last year’s Paris Fashion Week and was repeated during last winter’s New York Fashion Week. Asian fashionistas tired of the same ol’ same ol’ can catch the next installment of this innovative show during Tokyo Fashion Week in 2016.

Photos by Getty Images