Living Large and Looking Good on the French Riviera

From Ferragamo to Ferrari, this revved-up style shoot has got you covered.

When Maxim photographed a fashion shoot along the gorgeous French Riviera for our December/January issue, you know we had to feature more than just incredible clothes.

The star of the shoot wasn’t a flesh-and-blood model, but rather the ferociously cool Ferrari 488 GTB, the first turbocharged production model since the limited-edition 288 GTO of 1984–86.

The 488’s 3.9-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine makes 661 horsepower, compared to 597 hp for its predecessor, the 458 Speciale. The 488 also dominates the older model in torque, 561 lb.-ft. versus 398 lb.-ft.

But enough about the fetching 488’s impressive stats—swipe the slideshow for some of the most stylish duds to wear, whether you’re in a Ferrari or not. 

Photos by TOMO BREJC