Get Off the Grid With a Stay at the 'Lost Whiskey Concrete Cabin' - Maxim

Get Off the Grid With a Stay at the 'Lost Whiskey Concrete Cabin'

Check out this amazing hideaway on the legendary Appalachian Trail.

Design firm GreenSpur has unveiled a new and truly unique "tiny home" with a truly appealing name: "Lost Whiskey Concrete Cabin." It's just an hour from Washington D.C. and is situated next to the Appalachian Trail—hence its fantastic view.


GreenSpur's goals with the Concrete Cabin: "It's about architecture, it's about the art of gathering, it's about turning our phones off, making a fire, pouring a drink and reconnecting with the simpler and more important things in life."


The "Lost Whiskey Concrete Cabin" is constructed with cement and iron and features fine amenities like LED lighting, a bed that quickly converts into a table, a wood-burning stove for comfort and a gas stove for cooking. It's also built to incorporate the lush outdoor setting, with an extended concrete slab that features a wood fire heated hot tub. For the guest who isn't afraid of heights there's a hammock overlooking a cliff. 


GreenSpur didn't randomly come up with "Lost Whiskey" for the name. That's the brand name of fine, barrel-aged Lost Bourbon, distilled in Virginia and sold in barrels ranging from $3,500 to $8,500.


They know what they're doing—this looks like the kind of getaway that pairs extremely well with a couple of fingers of first-class rye. Learn more about the Concrete Cabin here.