Louis Vuitton Wants You To Know It Can Play It Casual, d’Accord?

Make a beeline for the V Line.

As any hugely successful company would, Louis Vuitton has stuck fairly narrowly to the imperial French style that has made it such a dominant luxury bruiser: that same print, those same trunks, that same pebbled leather.

With its new V-Line, though, Louis Vuitton is going for a more casual vibe, with leathers that are lighter and all-weather friendly to never hamper guys on the go. Our favorite is the Pulse, a stylish, waterproof backpack that won’t make you look like an intern. They’ve waterproofed calfskin for a luxurious but sturdy exterior, and the big brass buckle will hold everything together until the moment you hit the quick-release. Inside is a polyamide (okay, nylon) lining that can stand up to any pens you toss at it, plus flat pockets for important books and slim electronics. Best of all? The “Gaston V,” an alternate logo created by the company’s founder that adorns the pack and advertises your taste only to those who know more than the ubiquitous fleur de lis.[$3,300; louisvuitton.com]