Split This Luxe Mexican Airbnb With 22 of Your Best Friends

Private chef and driver included.


If you’re ready to enlist at least 22 brave friends for a trip to a tropical paradise, then gorgeous Casa Koko beach house in Punta Mita Mexico is for you. 

Yes, 22 people. Casa Koko, which is available via Airbnb’s relatively new Luxe service, offers nine bedrooms and 12 baths. That’s more than enough room to accommodate everyone you can think of and keep the ones who don’t like each other separate, to boot. 


More details from the listing:

Exposed wood and stone form the base, with hay roofing and mature palms adding slices of shade. Linger in the infinity pool or hot tub, take a golf cart to tennis, golf, or a beach club, and watch the stars from the fire pit built into sand. A full staff, including a chef and driver, are standing by.

Sounds pretty sweet when you realize everything that’s included, like the complete staff ready to make your luxury vacation whims come true. 


Including the infinity pool, there’s also a banquet-style dining room, gym, and a generous selection of carefully constructed outdoor spaces in which to chill. 


Punta Mita is a luxury resort destination not far from Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific coast, located in a part of the country especially noted for its great year-round weather. It’s a pretty sweet place to visit in general.

If you can swing Casa Koko, though, you might never want to leave. Every one of the 9 bedrooms are beautifully appointed and large, with amenities like en suite bathrooms, King-sized beds, TV, and terrace views. 


The cost of a night at Casa Koko is pretty steep unless you take the suggestion you bring along 22 friends seriously. Split evenly among that number of people, the beach house/mansion’s $9,800 a night price adds up to $445 a person for one night and $890 for two.

So start rifling between the sofa cushions for spare change and get that passport updated. Casa Koko is waiting.