Luxury Accessories for All Your, Uh, Herbal Substances

Finally, leather goods that are just as chill as you are.

There’s this particular herbal material** some people smoke that’s now legal in 23 states, and while we would never endorse such an activity, we always endorse having stylish gear for your hobbies, however chill they may be. Enter PuffTec, high-end accessories for your low-key endeavors.

Made from vegetable-tanned Italian leather, the Fumo wallet ($300) is designed to be center of the rolling experience. For legal tobacco blends, of course. It comes with discreet zipping pockets to store…whatever it is you’d store in there, and a special vertical slot to keep rolling papers flat.

The Horn ($50) is the perfect keychain companion to make sure no nug goes un-rolled. Or at the very least, keeps your shit from scattering everywhere. The malleable leather can either be pressed flat, or molded into the ideal scoop shape. Stoners, your Christmas wish list is complete at last.

**(Pot. The drug we’re alluding to is pot. Bye.)