Living Vehicles 2020 Off-Grid Camping Trailer Is A Legit Luxury Apartment On Wheels

This smartly designed, 28-foot RV is designed for full-time living--not just vacations or weekend getaways.
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You want all the fun and freedom of taking in the great outdoors that camping can provide, but you really can't do without a queen-sized bed and washer and dryer? Living Vehicle has you covered

Based in California, the mobile home builder just released a look at its 2020 trailer. It really hits a sweet spot—off-grid, mobile luxury. The 2020 model is for living on the go and maybe even glamping year-round in style. 

At 28-feet-long, the all-new 2020 model is just 220 square feet, measurements that don't stand out on the screen or on paper. But it uses every inch to fullest advantage and offers a queen-sized bed and fold-out deck to boot and room in the kitchen to reconfigure for extra sleeping, meaning you can fit up to six campers.


Some choice specs: The aluminum frame is steel-reinforced and if you choose Living Vehicle's "Off-Road" options, you can get off-road tires, higher ground clearance for easier overland driving, and a sleek black body liner.

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If you really want to crank out some fine dining even while parked in the High Sierras, the 2020 model has a Chef’s Kitchen option which includes:

  • Propane grill
  • Oven
  • Instant hot-water system
  • Dishwasher
  • Wine cooler that fits six bottles

And you know, getting off the grid doesn't mean you have to sacrifice entertainment choices. Living Vehicle's trailer has baked-in wifi capability and a sweet-sound 42-inch 4K TV with the option to turn the vehicle into a straight-up home theater complete with a 70-inch screen and 4k projector.


There's a special "4 Season Performance Package" as well, and it sounds downright decadent, complete with an A/C unite that cranks out 15,000-BTU.

Right now Living Vehicle only has plans for 25 units. It's on the high side, cost-wise, but if you do the math it might just cost less than your $2,000 a month efficiency apartment, in the long run. 

Pricing starts at just under $200,000.