Living Vehicles 2021 Off-Grid Camping Trailer Is A Luxury Apartment On Wheels

This 29-foot RV is a mobile retreat designed for the age of social distancing.

Living Vehicle

You want all the fun and freedom of taking in the great outdoors that camping can provide, but you really can’t do without a queen-sized bed and washer and dryer? Living Vehicle has you covered

Based in California, the mobile home builder has released a look at its 2021 trailer. In a Pandemic Year which called for social isolation in the name of safety it really hits a sweet spot—off-grid, mobile luxury. The 2021 model is for living on the go and maybe even glamping year-round in style. 

Living Vehicle

At 29-feet-long, the all-new model uses every inch of its interior space to fullest advantage and offers a fold-out deck to boot and room in the kitchen to reconfigure for extra sleeping, meaning you can fit up to six campers.

Some choice specs: In addition to the dining area, bedroom, and bathroom, the aluminum shelled interior has a chef-worthy kitchen. Then outside the fold-down deck provides another way to feel at home wherever you park.

Living Vehicle

If you really want to crank out some fine dining even while parked in the High Sierras, the 2021 model’s Chef’s Kitchen includes:

  • 3-Burner stainless steel oven and cooktop
  • Stainless, quick connect propane BBQ grill
  • Aluminum folding table with 27” x 27” table surface
  • Insta-hot water filtration system for immediate hot or cold water
  • Dual-handle hot and cold-water dispenser
  • An electric icemaker which can make up to 26 lbs. of ice a day
  • 6-bottle wine cooler

And going off the grid doesn’t mean disconnecting completely—Living Vehicle offers an option for the 2021 model which the company claims is “state-of-the-art technology from industry leaders in cell and WIFI boosting functionality to significantly extend the connectivity and speed of multiple redundant mobile data sources.” 

Living Vehicle

The 2021 trailer still has a “4 Season Performance Package” as well, and it does sound downright decadent, complete with an A/C unit that cranks out 15,000-BTU.

The 2021 Living Vehicle is available for purchase as of September 8, 2020 but beware that your new mobile retreat could take 9 months to outfit and deliver. 

Pricing begins at $229,995.