The Galaxy’s First Luxury Space Hotel Is Now Accepting Reservations

It’s 200 miles up and $792,000 a night.

Space Hotel Promo
Image: Orion Span

If Arnold Schwarzenegger taught us anything in Total Recall, it’s that taking an interplanetary vacation is probably a terrible idea. But what about a 12-day stay in outer space?

An ambitious tech start-up company called Orion Span wants to make it possible with a luxury hotel dubbed the Aurora Station. 

Up to six guests at a time will get to live out astronaut fantasies in four-star style.

Image: Orion Span

Speaking to Forbes, Orion Span CEO Frank Bunger detailed what the out-of-this-world trip would entail.  

“Guests will be orbiting in the hotel at 200 miles above the surface experiencing zero gravity the entire time,” Bunger said. 

“We are also going to be doing real space research up there like growing food in space, which we will let our guests take home as a souvenir. Then we will have a virtual reality experience, what we call the holodeck, named after Star Trek.”

“…Guests can stay in with their loved ones back home via high-speed wireless Internet access. Lastly, when the guests return home to Earth, we’re going to treat them to a hero’s welcome.” 

Image: Orion Span

You’ll also need to prepare for your circadian rhythm to go totally out of whack. The hotel will complete an orbit of earth every 90 minutes, so travelers will see 16(!) sunrises every 24 hours. 

This sure sounds expensive, and it is! Each trip costs a truly astronomical $9.5 million. But, in addition to the obvious outer space experience, two crew members will cater to your every need. Good luck finding a 1:3 staff-to-guest ratio at the Ritz.

If this crazy concept has you all starry eyed, Orion Span is currently taking $80,000 deposits that will ensure you’re among the first to take the trip when the Aurora Station opens in 2022. 

Worth it?