'Luxury World Traveler' is a Jet-Set Instagram That Will Quench Your Wanderlust

Pack your bags.
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Not all of us are lucky enough to travel the world for a living, especially in the most luxurious way possible. But it's always nice to live vicariously through someone who does.

Gil Antolin is the man behind Luxury World Traveler, where some of the most wanderlust-inducing pictures on Instagram exist, with stunning views of destinations like the Maldives, Greece, and Italy, among other exotic locales.

Speaking with Maxim, the 41-year-old from Huntington Beach, California, says he did what most of us dream of doing: Quit his day job of selling real estate to travel full-time to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, which he's been doing for the past five years.

Luxury World Traveler isn't just an Instagram account, though. From the account spawned an entire business, and is simultaneously a travel agency, social media marketing agency, and a photography and videography studio.

And if anyone wants to follow in Antolin's footsteps and make money traveling the world in the lap of luxury, he offers a course that'll teach you to do exactly that. 

"I have just launched a new Instagram course that teaches how to create engaging media for Instagram and to use it to travel the world as I have," he explains.

"For the last 4 years I have run a mini Instagram travel University where I teach others how to create content, work with hospitality partners, brand themselves, and allow them to travel to some of the worlds most luxurious hotels and resorts under our company name to build amazing galleries of media for their own."

If you're wondering how Antolin and his team take such incredible pictures that make you feel like you're actually there, he explains his secret formula to getting the perfect shot, and it's no easy task.

"There is a lot that goes into capturing the right shot. It all starts with scouting locations and getting the right vantage point. Once we have the location, then we identify the best time of day to shoot, usually at the golden hours. 

"Lastly, it then comes down to using strategic composition techniques in order to create imagery that allows the viewer to really feel the sense of being there."

When asked what his favorite vacation spot is, Antolin says it's a tough question to answer, but "I would say one of my three all-time top favorites though would have to be the Maldives." 

And lastly, his top recommendations for countries to visit?

"Spain, Greece, Maldives, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Italy, France, and anywhere in the Caribbean."

Clearly, someone who travels as much as he does knows what he's talking about, so you better get packing. 

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