Mack Weldon Debuts ‘Daily Wear System’ With Stylish Looks for All Occasions

The beloved men’s basics brand has created an operating system that caters to your every wardrobe need.

The Easy Goer 

If your day starts with a bit too much time spent in front of your closet, puzzled over what to wear, you might be in luck. Mack Weldon, makers of comfortable basics, soft knitwear and much more, just launched its Daily Wear System. The premise is as simple as it sounds on the surface, but it’s deeper than that.

What’s the idea? The NYC-based direct-to-consumer brand, perhaps best known for its underwear and basics, is encouraging guys to “buy some time” and make getting dressed easier.

The Operator 

You can get dressed from head-to-toe in Mack Weldon, with pieces from the brand designed to fit all of life’s pursuits: Think of the Daily Wear System like an operating system catering to your every wardrobe need.

The Daily Wear System focuses on four different stories, each of which might look familiar to you. There’s the Escape Artist, designed for comfort and ease of movement on the road (think a tailored stretch polo and shorts), as well as the Operator (big-city style and performance blended into one ensemble).

The Escape Artist

There’s also the Easy Goer, a nice mix of tailored loungewear and laidback style that fits with these increasingly casual, work-from-home times. And for the gym rat who prefers stylish activewear rather than the same-old, same-old, there’s the Pacesetter system.

Each offers a full run of gear designed to work seamlessly with each other. The breezy polos pair nicely with stretch shorts and chinos at the office or on the road, just as the brand’s soft T-shirts wear well with tailored joggers. It only takes but a few clicks to add the vital pieces of each story to your cart. 

The Pacesetter

If getting dressed over the past year lost some of its luster, consider this new system but one way to shake things up. Instead of reaching for a well-worn tee, go for a Mack Weldon Pima Crewneck. Instead of putting on a pair of athletic logo shorts on the weekend, step out in Mack Weldon chinos or joggers.

It’s not a cliche to say there’s something for everyone with the Mack Weldon Daily Wear System. We’d wager you’ll find your own story (and some new favorite menswear) in no time at all.